Have something you no longer need, from your completed rebuild


We are looking to purchase your excess parts, don't leave them sitting on the shelf, drop us an email to classictrim@btocnnect.com and enclose a list of what you have

for sale, if possible with some pictures and a figure you have in mind and we will contact you to discuss. W

 we will also trade parts if it helps you complete you car faster, so you can get rid of what you don't want for something you need


Condition is not too important, but it will reflect on the price the part is worth - we will consider any Ford part and also any volume of parts or complete vehicles

What have you got, an unfinished project, a stock of parts from a previous rebuild, some stuff at the back of the garage?

Talk to us!



 1988 - Present day, Classictrim - where compromise is not an option, talk to the rest and then have a chat with the best

www.classictrim.co.uk or text to 07587129264