My little British Open Classic -

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My little British Open Classic was bought for me as a present from my wife and children, I wont say how old I am.... when I picked him up, he was a little bit rusty around the 

arches and in a few other places, but apart from that all good apart from the addition of a large amount of chrome that I wanted to remove

 also he has only covered 53,000 miles so a good low mileage classic, I was given a huge history file with the car that says a lot about its previous owners, 

Dave, if your watching this progress, many thanks for the car!

So here is the plan - starting way back 

1.    Replacement interior - going, Microcell reclining front seats trimmed in Suede Green Leather & matching rear seat, door cards and rear cards - all custom made and 

        hand trimmed and finished

2.    Raised 3 pod dash top - trimmed in matching leather and a contrasting green carpet set all hand made!

3.    Remove old arches and replace with Sportspack arches

4.    Remove wing aerial and fit roof aerial - remove unwanted chrome bits

5.    Flaten paint and repair small dents

6.    Repaint car

7.    Fit new 13 inch Alloys

8.    I've also replaced the old rubber type electric roof and fitted a custom dark green mohair hood, this material is used on luxury sports cars and is the best material IMO 

        for an electric roof


OK - so the fun has started and I'm in the process of removing everything to flatten the car, there is the usual rust around the front wing indicators, this

 is the drivers side wing, the passanger side is just the same but I've removed the paint to ensure there is good metal underneath, glad to report there was

- plan here is to bare metal the front end and then treat it before etch primer.

The front grille incorportating the spot lights will be replaced with a standard grille as too the old fibreglass bonnet.

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Side mirrors may stay, not too sure just yet, but this is something I could add at a later date, something a little different is the Mohair Green Electric Roof, now going to 

replace the roof with a Stayfast (Mohair roof) in dark green.

 Fitting Microcell Recliners - these will be trimmed in Suede Green Leather, matching door cards, still unsure about the raised dash just yet, 

but again I can add this in a jiffy if I need to. the look I'm after is like the picture below on the far right

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Sportspack arches will house a set of these, 13 inch Ultralite Alloys with a nice set of rubber, all decals relating to the British Open Classic are going to be

 removed just plain Bristish Racing Green, possibly finished with a chrome coatchline!

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Finally, wing aerial is going and being replaced by a period roof aerial - hopefully my aim is to have the car ready for IMM - keep you posted on the progress

Seats are out - not that that is an acheivement, just they are out ready for the new trim, but that will be the last thing going into the car 

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OK - back for more already - well new bonnet fits a treat and looks better than the fibreglass version IMO

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 Had to scrap the new bonnet as there was a crease in the side that I never noticed, new one due in soon! aerial has been blanked as I'm moving that to the roof once the

 new sunroof arrives, the front end all but the bonnet is almost ready for a coat of primer so we will need to get the glass out and remove the rear lights and other bits prior 

to focusing on the rear end - so to speak!

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Once it's primed I plan to mock fit the arches and then it will get its base coat of colour

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Well as you can see we have been getting on with the light restoration, the aerial has been covered as I plan to relocate this on the roof, the rust around the indicators has 

been treated, primed and had a couple of base coats of BRG - the roof is now removed from the car and is going to be refitted with a new Stayfast BRG hood to match to 

body colour 

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Above you can see the roof casing layed out on the floor, the cables have been reset and greased, just need to clean this up a little before re-fitting and then setting the 

roof back once it is ready - and here it is, its in and running really nice and straight and with the matching deflector, you'll not find another like this anywhere

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Sorry for the delays in updating this page I lost my sister suddenly a few years ago and have not touched the car as it took a toll on me getting into the workshop to finish 

off the car but I'm back on it now

I'd like to thank my family and friends who helped me through some really difficult times - love to you all

And here is a couple of how Percy looks now, and as I've started to fit him back up, apologies for the bonnet prop!

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I drove it for the first time in 2 years to get it into the garage and guess what - yep the

heater matrix gave up, so had a replacement ordered and its now fitted, thought I'd overhaul the heater system at the same time, the last picture has the bonnet market to

hold the bonnet spring clips

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I've seen a replacement top tint front screen, so I may fit one of those as I really like the look of them and I need to refit the crome screen trim front and

rear anyway, so would not be a lot of trouble to change the front screen

New carpets have been fitted before the new leather interior goes into the car - be ready to be impressed when the pictures go up later tonight!!

but you can get an idea by the custom door cards - first phase of fitting a carpet is getting the size correct,

I used the old black carpet as a pattern and left a little extra around the edge to trim once in the car

I have also removed the seat brackets and seat belt parts and will fit these after the carpet is fitted as I prefer the look rather than cutting holes and slots in carpet

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More Updates soon 13/1/2017

And here is the first pictures of the interior almost complete, I need to order another sking for the centre console as its black at the moment and I'd like it to match

the interior, so once thats here i'll update with the console fitted, the seats are ultra rare Microcell recliners with custom made seat runners - hope you like them, they are

trimmed in suede green leather. I just need to bolt them into position

I have also made a custom centre console gaiter, with a bespoke chrome gaiter cap, just need to fit those smiths gauges and get them wired in, 

also fit the console once its retrimed, there is still a bit to do, I've got the top tint front screen

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I will try and get some pictures of the whole car in the next few days, weather permitting - thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy 

the updates as much as I have working on him again

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