Easy to swap AVO / 6 - Clock Binnacle for your MK1 Escort from Classictrim.co.uk

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Step by step "How to guide"

So you have your old clocks and want to change the Binnacle to imporve the interior look of your car, follow these simple steps and it should take 

no longer than a couple of hours

1. Get your tools out, you'll need the following

a. Small electrical Philips screw driver to remove the 10 screws securing the binnacle to the dash and the clocks at the back of the dash

b.  Glass cleaner and a nice clean cloth

c.  Glue or clear tape - to refit the ignition and indicator cover plates

 2. There are 4 x phillips screws that secure the clock binnacle to the dash pad and these need to be removed to free the binnacle

3.  Once removed take care when pulling the binnacle foward as you will need to get to the back of the clocks to reveal the following

a. Black line - (oil feed pipe) remove from clocks 

b. Red line (speedo cable) remove from clocks 

c. Pink line (wiring loom) disconnect from main connector


You can actually change the facia without disconnecting anything if you wish, but it's quite difficult

4.  Once the clocks are free from the connectors above lay the clocks face down on a smooth surface

a. You now need to remove the 6 x secruing screws that retain the plastic Binnacle to the clock housing - there are 6 x small phillips screws

shown below in red

b.  Once these have been removed the metal part of the dash will come free - take care not to break the glass here

You should now have the following bits in front of you 

a. Old binnacle

b. New binnacle

c. Clock facia glass

d. 2 x cardboard tubes, light illunimators and rubber connectors

e. 10 x screws for dash and binnacle

d. clocks in metal pressing 

See below

Time to clean a few items, such as the glass - a nice spray of glass clearner will do the trick here

a. remove the colour coded ignition and indicator coves shown here, and re - glue to new facia


b. refit the carboard light illuminators 

c. reposition the cleaned glass and then fit new binnacle to the clock metal pressing, in reverse order - it's as easy as that

See below


Both Mexico and Twin Cam Binnacles are available from us - want us to do it?

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