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Ford Internal Trim

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Here  they are - possibly the best selection of switches available for your MK1

 Switches are supplied as the surround and rocker so you’ll need to strip and re-use your electrical components, its really easy - see the "how to guide" by selecting the top switch picture

Select options below

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Available now - superb remanufactured Binnacles will finish the interior of your car 


Works Type MK1 Dash Kit C/W 2 filler panels and works centre console


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Works Type MK1 Escort Kit

Comprising of: - Double Dash 2 x Filler Panels 


Please call


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MK1 Escort Dash Top

Left or Right hand dash pad


Left or Right Hand Version

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Contour / Microcell Adjustable Head Rests

£145.00 Each


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MK1 / MK2 Roll Top Head Rests

£180 Pair

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MK1 Escort Boot Carpet


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MK1 Escort Centre Console

(Does not include clock or Gaiter)


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Exact replica of the MK2 Centre Console, remanufactured from GRP so robust and strong


Colour Choice

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Coin Tray Console

(Include Gaiter and chrome cap)


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MK1/2 Escort Roof Lining



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MK1 Escort Rear Door cards



MK1 Escort Twin Cam 



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MK1 Escort  RS2000 

and Mexico



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Contour / Microcell Sub Frame Kit x 2

Complete with fixings for both seats

Ford  - £185.00

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MK1 Escort Rear Parcel Shelf


MK2 RS2000 Rear parcel Shelf



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MK2 Escort Rear Door Cards



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Escort MK1 / 2 Heel Boards



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Escort MK1 / 2 Arch Vinyl's



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Jack Bag - All Variants


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MK1 / 2 Escort Carpet - one piece moulded carpet

Super one piece moulded - Right Heel Pad


Please call

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Anglia Lotus Replica Dash Top complete with correct size holes for 4 x Smiths clocks



MK1 Works Dash Filler Panel


Works type centre console - finished in our grained effect


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MK1 Escort Full RS2000 Roll Top Side trim kit (GRP)


(Some parts will need slotting to fit)



Refresh your Steering Wheel - Leather Refurb


Please call

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Time to finish off that Centre Console, with our revised gaiter C/W chrome bezzle


MK1 Escort Switch Panel.jpg (359459 bytes)


MK1 Escort Switch Panel complete with Ash Tray Outer Housing


(Ash Tray Housing will need securing in place)


Switch Panel


MK1 Escort Ash Tray.jpg (408088 bytes)


MK1 Escort Ash Tray Outer Housing Only


(Just the Outer Housing here not the Ash Tray)


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