Dash Top & Trim repair service from Classictrim.co.uk

Due to the new shop opening in early 2019 - 

we cannot take any more dash repair work until February 


So your dash or interior trim item is cracked or damaged and you want it repaired, then look no further than right here, we can repair or recover most Classic vehicle dash tops that have been machine press 

moulded including Mini, Ford, Austin, Talbolt, Scimitar, Volvo, etc... back to their original condition and return them direct back to you for refitting 

In most instances we can also repair and renovate all modern day injection moulded dash tops such as Ford Escort Cosworth and RS Turbo and all similar dash pads, including air bag damage 

Give us a call or email us to get up to date prices for you dash repair (please remember to enclose a picture in your email so we can quote a fair estimate) 

Repair prices from 155.00 plus P&P (repair prices only) Colourisation and re-skinning not included in the guide price - we can collect Nationwide

If it's broken, cracked, damaged or has holes in it - let us fix it!! classicrim@btconect.com


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This dash came in with holes, damaged cleaned and filled then coloured - no holes now!

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The Dash above came in with a large number of cracks, its filled, skined and coloured - no cracks now!

As a guide damage like this would cost around 450 - 600 to repair, but where are you going to get a new dash like this 

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www.classictrim.co.uk or text to 07587129264